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     1= Virtual Secure Network = 
     2A Virtual Secure Network (VSN) is a novel network service, providing safe and secure web content to remote users. The underlying principles can be used to offer security protections (like firewalls, Antivirus scanners, IDSs and IPSs) as a service from the cloud.   
     4A corporate network typically has IDSes, firewalls, and malware scanners to protect the machines on the network from attack. However, employees may use devices with sensitive data in remote locations. This leaves the company with a choice: either have the remote users VPN their traffic back to the corporate network for protection; or let its employees connect directly to the (insecure) Internet. The former choice can be very slow for users as well as costly for the organization, while the latter increases the security risk. In this work, we address this problem by designing, prototyping and evaluating a novel network service called Virtual Secure Network (VSN). A VSN server provides remote clients the security benefit of being behind a corporate network, while providing Internet performance more typical of an (insecure) direct connection. The VSN server pushes hashes of secure content to clients. Clients that want to obtain content on the hashlist do so directly over the Internet but have the same security assurances as though they were in the corporate network. Our preliminary trace simulation results show that our VSN service can significantly reduce both user-perceived delay and deployment cost. The VSN service concept can also be extended to cloud-based security services - providing the security offerings as a subscription service. 
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